Hall's Boat

25' Lyman: Frame & Bottom Planking

The 25' Lyman "Judith Anne" is well into the replanking process. The bottom planks all needed to be replaced, as did some of the planks up into the sides. All the planks that needed to be replaced on the starboard side have been, and the port side is coming along.

The 25' Lyman currently in the shop was in need of a great deal of work. Over half the frames were badly deteriorated around the bilge, and the bottom planking was also in very rough shape. Rather than removing the decks and covering boards to replace the frames, we saved the good upper sections, and cut in ship-lapped notches. Then, we removed most of the bottom planks, leaving a few to provide shape for the new frames. After that, we steamed new white oak frames, and drove them from the keel up around the curve of the bilge. When they got to the existing notched frames, a matching notch was cut and the two sections were fastened together. Once all the new frames were installed, we began installing new planks.

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