Hall's Boat

34' Elco Cruisette: Electric Repower

The 34' Elco Cruisette is coming along. The original engine, gas tanks, and the majority of the mechanical and electrical components were pulled out. Most of the interior was also removed. The boat is being repowered with an Elco electric drive, and the galley and head systems have been replaced with modern conveniences, such as a water heater, microwave and refrigerator. The interior pieces that were removed have been stripped, sanded, and refinished. The exterior of the boat has also been stripped and refinished. We are reusing as much of the original boat as possible, rebuilding parts as necessary.

One of the biggest newcomers to our shop is a 34' Elco Cruisette. This boat has a sound hull, but the interior needs quite a bit of attention. It is being repowered with a new Elco electric drive, and will run on battery power alone. Stay tuned for frequent updates on this boat!

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