Hall's Boat

13' Penn Yann: Transom and Keel Work

The 13' Penn Yann striptite outboard was leaking on the starboard side near the transom. We found that the transom cheeks and bows were rotting, as well as the internal keel stringer in the aft half of the boat. We removed the rotten pieces and used the more intact sections to make patterns for the replacements. We also removed a section of the keel stringer. After shaping and fitting the new white oak cheeks and bows, they were sealed with varnish and bedded with Sikaflex to prevent any future rot, and to make the boat leak-free. The new keel stringer was scarfed into the good forward keel section, and fastened into the frames with bronze wood screws. We also steam-bent a new coaming along the inside of the forward deck, as the original had fallen apart.

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